How To Get Your Dog To Behave Around Other Dogs

Preamble to Dog Obedience Training

dog behvaving around other dogsThe dog is considered as the man’s best friend. He never cheats on his master. Because of this stupendous quality, many people wish to keep a dog as their pet. Even the Hindu religion considers keeping a dog as a good sign. It must be noted that when a dog is adopted he must learn to live among humans. He is not a part of the tree of Homo sapiens. He cannot go to school and learn like a human child does, therefore, it becomes for the adopters of this animal to teach him certain obedience rule. Dog Obedience Training helps the dog to fit in comfortably. In the absence of this training, both the dog and his master might suffer from aggravation and will never be able to live happily.

Significance of Dog Obedience Training

The pointers enlisted herein will discuss the magnitude of importance of this training and how to carry out Dog Obedience training in an efficient manner:

  • Training which is amiable to dog: Training of the dog is to be such which he feels is friendly. As human beings, we must make efforts in comprehending the needs of the dogs. The training must not be aggressive but should be friendly, gentle and compassionate. The training, in any case, should not cause any mental and physical pain to the dog, that is, things like shock collars, scruff shakes, choke collars, et cetera, must stay out of question.
  • Training classes for dogs- This is an efficient option to train your dog. You will have an educator or an instructor by your side from whom you can make your queries, instructions will be given to the owner of the dog in regards to training, he can be corrected in case he goes wrong. In the case of frustration the owner can give expression to it by talking to the instructor and can also share the happiness of the success achieved.
  • Best Age to act upon- Just like the human child has a certain age of learning, similar is the case with the dogs. The best way to start their obedience training is when they are still puppies because the results will be better if the training is commenced at the very initial stage in order to prevent the dog from acquiring bad habits.
  • How To Get Your Dog To Behave Around Other DogsReinforcement- Positive reinforcement is also very essential. Reward your dog for any good action that he has performed. The more he is rewarded the faster and efficiently he will learn and will also prevent any problem from raising its head.
  • Warning in the course of training- When the owner tends to warn is or her dog repeatedly then in such a case this animal will become used to it and will also become stubborn. In order to avoid this problem from arising the owner must warn the dog for his bad behavior but should also ask him as to what you want him to do and then reward him if he does the given task in a correct manner.

Following the above steps, the owner of the dog will be able to train his pet easily and can live with it happily.

Where to Start in your Dog Obedience Training Program

Basics to Dog Obedience training

dog obedience trainingIt is a matter of fact that not every individual knows how to love and be loyal to a dog, but a dog very well knows the art of loving and being loyal towards owner. Many pet lovers bring in dogs to their home but they are unaware of the process of dealing with them and make his pet an obedient follower of his commands. Now, here we bring to you several aspects of dog obedience training that will help the new pet owners train their dogs to be submissive and well trained.

Dog obedience training will pave a gateway for the owner to train his dog to be responsive at the appropriate time and also adjust to the new environment with effortlessness and ease. Obedience training serves the purpose of incorporating manners in a dog’s house and also resolves the problem of bad behaviors if any. According to some individuals, obedience training is considered to be something that is implemented to make a dog follow an artificial command and take the appropriate action in respect to that activity.

What is the meaning of obedience training?

If we try to equip ourselves with the true meaning of the term obedience training, then you will be able to come across a clear definition that is; dog obedience training is a specific form of instruction that is used to guide the dogs to be dutiful and most importantly obedient.

Lessons inclusive in the dog obedience training

It encompasses within itself a variety of lessons that are: –

  • Family manners
  • Specific skills for specific tasks
  • Basic tricks helpful in activities and skillfulness
  • Illustration of numerous expertise
  • Demonstrations and ring exercises

The process of training would definitely be a walk in the park if  your dog was able to speak and understood the same language as you but alas! This is not the truth. So, as a dog owner, one needs to put in a lot of effort to make the dog listens to the instructions given and respond  proactively.

Numerous strategies of training

  • The training of a dog can be completed at home, in a particular class with a serene and obedient environment or also in the presence of a personal trainer. The requirements for the same are a leash, a collar, sense of humor and most significantly patience.
  • In the training of dogs, consistency is the most important factor that needs to be followed in terms of the commands given, the course of actions, activities being performed and the rules being formulated for the pet.
  • It should be fun and a cheerful experience for the pet rather than a session of vigorous hard-core training and instructions.
  • Your attitude should be wide enough to deal with the problems arising at the time of training. If you as a trainer will give up soon, then how will you expect the dog to remain active and energetic?

So stay calm yet lively to make your dog a well-mannered pet and let him gain appreciation by your guests.

Dog Leash Training Secrets Made Super Easy

Dog Leash Training

training your dog to walk on a leashDogs are the most faithful pet as compared to all other pets. Dogs like to move, jump and run. They move faster than us and are also more curious in nature. Dogs can be trained to become more useful and helpful to their owner as they are easier to train and learn things quickly. Dogs can be trained with and without a leash, but a leash makes it easier for the trainer to train the dog. A leash or band around the dog’s neck is an easy way to transfer signals or messages to the dog to  let them know what to do and what not to do. Here are some basics of training which you can give to your dog with the help of leash.

Walking Training

When you take your dog out for walk, your dog tends to go to places which you may or may not want them to go. So, you can easily teach your dog,by pulling their leash, which give them the message to go or not to go.If your dog follows your instruction then treat him with love and give him food of his liking. By repeating this exercise your dog will learn how to walk and behave. Similarly, you can teach him to sit back, come forward by using the leash as well. You can teach him good manners and how to behave just by pulling his leash. Never pull his leash hard preventing him from going away from you, just gently pull his leash to remind your dog, your presence and release the pressure on the leash as your dog starts to move towards you, reward him with a treat and pat on his back, so that your dog feels good and next time understand your message.

Toilet Training

best dog potty trainingIf your dog poops and urinate everywhere then you need to give him the toilet training by using leash. Whenever your dog is going to poop or urinate, just pull his leash to give him the message to stop and when you dog follows your instruction reward him with affection and love. Take your dog to the toilet or any other suitable place and then allow him to poop and urinate by moving the leash gently. In this way your dog will learn where to poop, and your house will remain neat and clean.


To calm your dog, when he becomes hyper due to any situation, is a challenging task. As dogs become aggressive and hyper when they see any dangerous animal or mysterious person around him and start barking. So to control your dog and teach him to calm down, you need to train him. You can do this by just showing him the food and then hiding it from him, when your dog becomes a little impatient, say “Heel” and let him come closer to you, then reward you dog with treats, as he becomes calm. Repeat this until you dog learns to become calm and try this exercise in more distracting environments.

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Who is walking who? Leash Training Myths Dispelled

bad leash trainingWe all heard the old phrase when a dog on a leash walks his master. It is a common behavioral problem in pet dogs to drag his master in the direction he wants instead of following his wish. Now who wants to look like a hooked fish on the street? If you have dog it is mandatory that you walk him regularly. Walking on a leash is a basic training exercise that your dog should be able to perform besides other commands like Sit, Down, Stay and Come. Question is why they tug you along. The reasons are many: a butterfly or a person or a neighbourhood cat or dog that has caught his fancy, nervous to be on an unknown place, want to run loose or simply out of impulse. But if you allow him to pull you in whatever directions he wants, he will continue to do so and never obey. It is time to say ‘no’. The following are some tips by professional dog trainers on ‘how to walk your dog properly on a leash’:

  1. Select an area indoor or within your yard which is free of distractions.
  2. Leash your puppy or dog and stand still.
  3. Your dog will jump around.
  4. Wait for his impulses to subside.
  5. Give him a treat for settling down.
  6. Then start your walk with him.
  7. You might be able to go only one or two steps before he starts leaping again and pulling you along.
  8. Stop your movement and repeat the whole sequence.
  9. Once your pup has mastered these few steps, walk without pulling you along you start taking more steps.
  10. Reward him more with longer walks.
  11. Eventually, you two should be able to walk together with a loose leash. Your pup will sit or lie down when you stop.

There are certain products which you can use to discourage pulling. You can use:

  1. Head Collar: When your dog leaps ahead, the tension on the halter’s noseband will turn her head to the side preventing him from pulling. It does not put any pressure on the windpipe. Head collar cannot be used on dogs with small noses.
  2. Choke Collar: This collar tightens on the dog’s neck when pulled. It is quite dangerous to use especially on dogs without a thick coat of fur on the neck or those having respiratory troubles.
  3. Pinch Collar: These collars have metal prongs on the underside of the collar. When your dog tries to pull you in another direction these prongs will dig into your dog’s neck. It causes pain.
  4. Harness: It is bound on the dog’s chest and shoulders. The leash attaches to a ring on the front of the dog’s chest. When the dog pulls, he will be turned to the side.

good leash trainingHowever if you are willing to put some hard word with your dog every day, you would not need these collars. You will be able to walk your dog on a loose leash without a collar or a muzzle.